Valecus was established in May of 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The owner and founder, having been stood down from his job, chose to pass the time in isolation by purchasing a Virtual Reality Headset. However it wasn’t long before he discovered VR’s messy problem, sweat! Often after a VR session his headset was completely saturated and unusable by anyone else in the household.

Disappointed with various HMD covers on the market, he decided to create a solution to the problem himself, and so set out to make the VR Drymask.

At Valecus we believe Virtual Reality should be enjoyed by everyone. It will be the definitive form of household entertainment heading into the future. Our goal is to allow families and friends to share a Virtual Reality Headset in comfort and with peace of mind.

Creating Valecus is like nothing I’ve done before. The VR Drymask is not only a convenient solution to an inconvenient problem, it’s also a personal triumph.”

– Founder –