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Offer ends 17 Oct 21

Light and Easy

Weighing only 15 grams, the VR Drymask can be slipped on in seconds, allowing you to fire up your favourite VR Fitness titles in no time.

Sweat Management

The moisture wicking fibre ACTIVELY transfers sweat away from your face and headset while you play, keeping you cooler and dryer for longer.

Peace of Mind

The VR Drymask will reduce headset saturation during solo workouts or let you share your HMD with family and friends without sharing sweat.

The VR Drymask has a specific purpose of controlling excessive sweating during shorter, intense VR fitness sessions of 15-30 minutes and is not intended for longer periods of normal VR usage. Some users may feel a build up of discomfort around the nose and eyes when playing for longer periods of time. The VR Drymask is recommended to fit head diameters up to 57cm. People with larger head sizes may experience discomfort or tightness when wearing the product..

VR Drymask™ is a trademark of Valecus